The Gül Mountain Residence Hotel is the right address to leave stress behind you, to have a break embedded in the clear mountain air and get active with sports to improve your health.

The Gül Mountain Residence Hotel is surrounded by alpine pasture and clean air. Our hotel is completely wooden styled, the best atmosphere to forget stress and enjoy relaxing. There are sportive activities offered like mountain biking, hiking, jeep safaris, running and tennis or basketball.   
Additional to your sports activities improving quality of life you will relax and can enjoy listening to many birds singing early in the morning.  A small zoo belongs to our hotel. Our dogs and cats are involving you into their natural life (you will have unforgettable moments when feeding them after they have begged for it so nicely.) 
During the winter time our hotel is heated by a modern central heating system and at the lobby and the nomadic restaurant open fire places are giving heat. You will feel cosy whilst having lively conversation around the open fire.

The Gül Mountain Residence Hotels is using special foodstuff only. All products are from our own gardens or from the farmers in the neighbourhood. For our guests this service is ensuring real rural food.





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