The foodstuff used in the Gül Mountain Residence Hotel is grown in hotel owned gardens or delivered from domestic rural villagers surrounding us. This will ensure fresh and really natural products for our guests. 
If you love nature you will find your satisfaction just staying with us. All meals are prepared from natural products, grown in our own gardens or delivered from the farmers living close to our hotel. With the breakfast a variety of fresh and natural food is served. At he evening dinner our chief cook will be good to your palate with various delicious meals from the local cuisine.
In our Panorama Restaurant you are far away from city stress, the natural meals are serving your health and the view over the very beautiful landscape will awake a unique nostalgic feeling. Our nomadic restaurant is creating a good connection to local history and rural tradition.
When you are thirsty entering the Lobby or Panorama Bar you’ll always find fresh Turkish Tea. You will feel that fatigue and stress are gone whilst sipping your drinks and watching the green woods and deep blue sea, unforgettable the view to the white snow on the top of the mountains. This feeling is even improved by the kind service at our terrace garden, enabling our honourably guests to relax and watch the landscape from a higher point of view.
Life does not only consist of eating and drinking, a healthy way of life needs sportive activities. According to this motto we are offering tennis, basketball, table tennis, table football and sneaker. Also hiking, running and bike tours are within our sports programme.
In the Turkish hamam or sauna you can sweat out the body poisons and get distressed with a massage treatment. You can swim in the indoor pool and relax on couches with mattresses.

It is up to you to enjoy this service – so decide for our Gül Mountain Residence Hotel!